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• Environmental assessment and sustainability
Delivering a vibrant countryside that sustains communities
• Policy and strategy development
• Cultural celebration
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What We Do
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The Dark Side
We are a countryside management and planning practice that can help you with:
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• Research and analysis
• Engagement and consultation
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We provide a range of professional services ~ click on a section below to find out more:
We support the management and celebration of special places by:
Policy and strategy development ~ we can help you develop rural planning policies, design guides, feasibility studies, implementation strategies and expert witness reports.
Cultural celebration ~ we can undertake research into how your area has evolved and identify your cultural heritage, working with you to produce effective publications, displays and websites. We also deliver many presentations and talks; and we publish original research on cultural heritage.
What We Do
Engagement and consultation ~ we can plan and facilitate networking and training sessions to engage with your stakeholders and involve them in planning and decision-making, using a wide range of tools and techniques tailored to suit local needs. We can support you in your workplace by delivering training and mentoring.
Research and analysis ~ we can present literature reviews to support your work and search libraries, archives and records to inform projects. We can also prepare and present briefing papers; complete critical reviews and preparing ‘fit for purpose’ reports.
• working in harmony with natural processes and functions; and by
Environmental assessment and sustainability ~ we are skilled in Sustainability Appraisal, Strategic Environmental Assessment and Habitats Regulation Assessment and can carry out high and mid-level appraisals of plans and strategies.
• putting people at the centre of natural resource management;
Landscape planning and management ~ we can help you to assess and understand the character, function and ‘sense of place’ of your area; develop strategic and site-specific management plans for how best to manage it; and prepare final edits of your own material.
• appreciating how people value nature and its effect on their wellbeing.
Cultural celebration
The Team
Associate ~ Kevin Baverstock  Kevin is a freelance cartographer with over 40 years experience producing small scale mapping for atlases and travel guides. After nine years as an apprentice cartographic draughtsman, he joined a small team of cartographers in an office in Central London, involved in the design and preparation of a series of traveller's maps and atlases. In 1984, he set up his own freelance business in order to explore ways he could combine cartography with illustration. He moved his office to the Lake District in the north of England in 2003 and began collaborating on a detailed history of his local parish of Satterthwaite with Suzanne Tiplady.
Suzanne Tiplady BSc PhD  Suzanne is a director of Craggatak building on 20 years experience as a respected researcher and archivist. With her early years in the nuclear and defence industries and a scientific background, she is adept at problem solving, project management, report writing and presentations. She works to tight and complex deadlines with precision and accuracy. Specializing in rural culture and industrial heritage, she makes extensive use of archive collections, both on-line and in repositories around the country. In addition, she accesses local and national newspapers for relevant subject matter; and gathers information from local residents and government bodies. Her contributions to publications and events that celebrate the history, culture and customs of the English Lake District underpin her talks, books, articles and lectures.
Paul Tiplady BA MA MSc MRTPI CMLI  Paul is a director of Craggatak building on 30 years experience in local government. He is a chartered town planner and a chartered landscape architect. Before setting up the consultancy, he spent 11 years working for Essex County Council, initially in charge of its Country Parks and latterly in charge of all the its recreational services. There then followed 5 years as the Chief Officer of the Sussex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Conservation Board, where he was instrumental in the development of a unified management structure and policy framework for the South Downs. In 1998, he became the Chief Executive (Head of Service) of the Lake District National Park Authority, stepping down in 2007 to set up the consultancy. Paul is the contract manager and professional lead for the consultancy and its associates. He is a skilled negotiator and respected communicator, with a passion for plain English. Paul is also learning Welsh. Mae Paul yn dysgu Cymraeg, ond yn amyneddgar, mae'n ddyddiau cynnar o hyd!
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• To help our clients succeed and prosper
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Our research and analysis will be thorough.
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About Us
• To present our work to the highest standards
Craggatak Consulting is a respected consultancy providing support to clients in the private, public and voluntary sectors throughout the United Kingdom. Established in 2007, the practice is small, flexible and very responsive to its client’s needs. We are used to working in partnership and are a part of a network of consultancies that can come together to build the teams needed to complete a wide range of commissions.
To be the partner of choice for clients who seek a vibrant countryside that sustains the local communities living in it.
We will always meet agreed deadlines.
• To ensure our own continuous professional improvement
We will listen carefully to what you have to say.
Integrity ~ Honesty ~ Reliability ~ Accuracy ~ Loyalty ~ Creativity
Engagement and consultation
Landscape planning and management
Policy and strategy development
Research and analysis
Environmental assessment and sustainability
We present Rock-un-Roll, Glam Rock and Bubblegum Pop with the Boggle Banned! All band members live locally and all money raised from gigs is used for the benefit of our community; from donations to the Great North Air Ambulance and Cumbria Flood Relief to aiding Parish Room funds.
The Dark Side
To find out more go to the Boggle Banned Facebook page.
Cultural celebration of a very different sort! Cumbria has many boggles – search the maps. A boggle is an imp or troll that defends our cultural boundaries.